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Pure water on tap

• Cationic emulsions

• Cationic powders

• Anionic emulsions

• Anionic powders

We offer coagulant


Our millifloc range of flocculants include:

Dedicated to providing you with reliable and effective water treatment services, Crosmill Ltd are able to help you with water clarification, foam control and sludge de-watering in addition to acid and alkalis for pH control.


Priding ourselves on our excellent quality of service, our experienced water treatment technicians have built up a fine reputation with our clients. With a range of coagulants and flocculants, we can remove unwanted materials leaving you with nothing but clean and clear water.

To ensure optimum water treatment performance, we will conduct a free site survey. This means we are able to establish the best water treatment technique for your business' needs and requirements. If you would like to learn more about our water treatment site surveys, get in touch today.

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• Ferric chloride

• Ferric sulphate

• Ferric nitrate

• Aluminium chloride

• Aluminium sulphate

• Polyamine


• Bentonite

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