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• Coagulants

• Flocculants

• Defoamer

• Acids

• Alkalis

• Biocides

Perfect water treatment products

• Hydrochloric acid

• Sulphuric acid

• Sodium hydroxide

• Mineral oil

• Silicone emulsions

• Hydrocarbon fatty acid ester

Our water treatment products include:

Our defoamers and pH controls include:

With a range of water treatment equipment and chemical supplies on offer, Crosmill Ltd can help you maintain the clarity of your water. Whether you need engineering equipment such as pumps and pumping skids or defoamers, we have everything you need to keep your water treatment plant running.

If you need help finding the right water treatment chemical or water engineering equipment then get in touch. Our friendly and professional technicians are always on hand and happy to answer any queries you may have regarding any of our products or services.

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